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We highly appreciate your interest in the CognitiveValley Foundation, the first Swiss umbrella brand to promote and connect our AI ecosystem as a whole. We want to create the best preconditions for the welfare of the current and future workforce in Switzerland

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The strong Global AI brand for Switzerland

Opening Speech on the Launch for the CognitiveValley - Walter Thurnherr | Swiss Federal Chancellor


Our Motivation

«We believe that it is our responsibility to lay the groundwork for the future wellbeing of our country. The digital transformation is in full swing and has skyrocketed again during the global health crisis. AI is the new basic infra-structure for all other technologies and a key driver of our future economy. 

That is why our donors and supporters believe in the potential of AI. Together we want to seize the opportunity to successfully develop Switzerland into a globally competitive player in the digital age.

The CognitiveValley Foundation acts as a financial enabler, supporter, networker, and promotor for the Swiss AI ecosystem. In the next five years we have a host of very ambitious goals. We will use our expertise and connections to foster discussion and global awareness around AI. Our foundation aims to attract more AI experts, talents, start-ups and investments to Switzerland. The foundation aims for an endowment capital of CHF 100 – 150 million. As a result, we will contribute to Switzerland’s GDP and exports and strengthen Switzerland on a global level.

The CognitiveValley Foundation benefits actors at all levels: employers and employees, qualified specialists and courageous entrepreneurs. All our promotion activities will help position Switzerland as a leading country in AI. Let us establish the missing links and better connect different actors in the Swiss AI ecosystem.»


Dalith Steiger

Co-Founder & Member of the 

Foundation Board


CognitiveValley - One strong AI Movement

  • CognitiveValley – The AI Movement
  • The common AI Voice for Switzerland
  • Switzerland – Brawn and Brain Economy
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The Swiss AI Assets


«Artificial intelligence is a key driver of the Swiss innovation capacity and competitiveness»



  • Be attractive for and be able to form «AI talents»
  • Create smart AI products for a global market
  • Attract investments in AI
  • Generate public awareness about AI
  • Strengthen us as a hub for «AI for Good»
  • Make success stories heard at home and abroad
  • Emphasize ethical and human-centered AI applications

Governance Insights

The CognitiveValley is a non-profit, tax-exempt Switzerland-based foundation. The CognitiveValley Foundation is a subsidiary of the Swiss umbrella foundation «Fondation des Fondateurs».

Foundation purpose:
The CognitiveValley Foundation is striving to create a future where Switzerland is recognized as a trustworthy global center and world leader for artificial intelligence. In pursuit of this goal, the non-profit foundation promotes AI-related innovation, open dialogue, education, research, and entrepreneurship related to cognitive technologies in Switzerland. While the foundation’s work is mostly based in Switzerland, we collaborate with a variety of foreign stakeholders and reach across borders to develop international solutions for inherently global issues.

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Current Projects

  • Promotion
    • AI in CH Promotion Kit: A toolkit to promote the Swiss AI ecosystem abroad
    • Global AI Ranking Analysis: An analysis of the relevant global AI rankings and policy implications


  • Engagement
    • Starting different engagement formats together with other organizations
    • Establishing 4 so-called «Engagement Tanks» for thematic focal points


  • Cooperation
    • Networking Activities: Establishing a steady exchange across stakeholders and industries
    • Partnership Actions: Leveraging the potential of the Swiss AI ecosystem by connecting the dots


  • Inventory
    • Mapping the Swiss AI ecosystem and creating an annual AI report for Switzerland
    • Sending out regular updates on the different areas of the AI ecosystem

About Us


Didier Sangiorgio

Co-Founder and
Chairman of the
Foundation Board


Dalith Steiger

Co-Founder and
Member of the
Foundation Board


Andy Fitze

Co-Founder and
Member of the
Foundation Board


Kick-Off EPFL Lausanne

The «Lausanne Coalition» is ready: In September 2019, the kick-off event of the CognitiveValley took place at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne. Backed and endorsed by this broad intersectoral alliance of 30 co-initiators and over 100 kick-off attendees, we want to use the enthusiasm generated there to accelerate our efforts.


Advisory Board & Early Co-Initiators


Join our journey to the top!

  • We bring the Swiss AI ecosystem together
  • We are the trustworthy Swiss AI umbrella brand


Dalith Steiger

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